The arrival of summer brings a burst of colour and a variety of aromatic fragrances. Gardens, which have been tended over the year, are now displaying their best blooms. Hanging baskets outside the houses in The Park, Nottingham, bring a smile to the passers-by with the vibrant colours against the backdrop of brickwork.


As you drive around Nottingham, you can not fail to notice the beautiful planters along Derby Road bursting with lavender, cosmos and salvia amongst many other plants. These plants have been specifically chosen to encourage pollination.  The flower beds and traffic islands around the city are full of plants and wild flowers to encourage habitats for foraging and nesting wildlife.


Nottingham City Council has pledged to make Nottingham a bee friendly city and have launched a campaign for 2014. The council are planting a native British flower garden at the community garden at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham. Geraniums, lavender and sunflowers are all excellent pollen and nectar producing plants that help to encourage bees into your garden. Plants such as these, and many more, are available from both the Nottingham and Long Eaton stores starting from as little as £2. Welch the Florist also have a wide range of herbs including sage, rosemary and thyme which not only attract wildlife but can be used for cooking.



The Floral Trail has been installed again this year around the city of Nottingham. Floral installations have been placed at various places around the city including the Theatre Royal and on Clumber Street. The sculptures are designed to brighten up the city and to make Nottingham an attractive place to visit.



Alchemilla mollis, which has been locally grown in Derbyshire, is currently available in both the Nottingham and Long Eaton stores.


Last week saw the Long Eaton carnival. The theme for this years carnival was Nations of the World. The road parade passed by the Long Eaton shop on its way to the parade ground on West Park. The parade was well supported and the floats were an array of colour and sound.

Summer is a busy time for weddings. Welch the Florist is one of 60 local businesses that are attending the Nottingham wedding Fayre at the Playhouse on 21st September.  The Fayre is on from 10am until 4pm. Welch the Florist have a dedicated section on their website for weddings.